SeaWorld San Antonio Wildside Bloggers

As a part of our outreach to bloggers who write content of interest to the types of families who might visit our park, from time to time, and at our discretion, we sometimes invite these bloggers to attend SeaWorld events. We strongly believe that the park and its programs must be experienced to be fully understood, and we have long offered this option to members of the working press.

One of the current blogger groups that meets at the park are the Texas Wildside Bloggers. This group generally meets at the park once or twice a year and members of this group are regularly invited to VIP events. We never pay them to come or to write anything, however, we do offer park admission for the bloggers and sometimes their families, provide food and other perks, and arrange discounts with our partners on lodging, among other things.

SeaWorld does not require that these bloggers will write, review, link to, or in any other way promote the park. Further, it does not endeavor to overtly influence the tone or content of anything these bloggers might write. If they do write about the experience, it’s at their own discretion, and any opinions offered are their own. We also ask the bloggers to clearly disclose which part of the experience was provided in compliance with FTC policy. 

Here is a photo of our 2014 Wildside crew at AdventureCon, an invite-only conference we hold every year in June. You can read all about our 2015 Wildside crew on our blog.