Apr 26

Aquatica Text System Cuts Queue Lines, Delivers Guest Service

Besides our amazing team members, animals and attractions what makes Aquatica very unique is the resort like atmosphere we have created. This is truly a waterpark like no other you have experienced in this part of the world. Many waterparks are known for steel towers, lots of concrete and, unfortunately, crowds. We wanted to go the opposite direction with Aquatica.

One of the ways we will do this is by limiting the capacity of the waterpark to make sure everyone is comfortable, has plenty of space and the chance to relax. Therefore, Aquatica’s entry gates will close once the waterpark reaches capacity. So, then what?

Of course we know where will be a high demand for the waterpark especially on hot summer days and some people may arrive after we have reached capacity. Our team has devised a communication plan to make it easy for you to know when we are temporarily closed or open. Simply text the word Aquatica to 90210 (yes, just like the TV show) to get a gate “status update.” When you text this number, you will receive an automatic response stating if Aquatica’s entry gate is open or closed. For example:

You can text this number from anywhere and anytime, which allows you to enjoy your day at SeaWorld until Aquatica’s gates re-open. You can even text this number before you get to the park to help plan your day! Gone are the days of a long line to get into the waterpark; instead, you can see shows, splash around in Bay of Play, visit exhibits and have a great time at SeaWorld. When you are curious about Aquatica’s status, they can simply text Aquatica to 90210!

Aquatica has it all – from the serene to the extreme! This exclusive resort style waterpark is going to be something your entire family can appreciate and enjoy, whether you want to splash and slide all day or curl up on the beach with a good book.

See you soon!