Sep 06

Behind the Scenes at Azul... A Performer's Point of View

Azul has been a very popular show since it debuted last season at SeaWorld San Antonio. The combination of animal and human performers makes for a thrilling and interesting show. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to perform in the show? It's really difficult to put into words what we feel during the shows. What do the animals trainers see as they are pushed around underwater? What kind of rush is there when you're catapulted from the Russian swing? For this blog we're giving you a performer's eye view during some of the spectacular acts of the Azul show. Enjoy!

Luna takes Valerie 25 feet under, performs a porpoise behavior, and then gives her a spin swim.

Boris acts as the pusher and catapults Rachelle 30 feet into the air from the Russian Swing.

Julia uses her dance and acrobatic skills as she "flies" through the air in Azul's "Love" segment.

Catalina and Avalon perform a human hurdle (with me as the human being hurdled!) and we all share a hula dance.