Nov 21

Blue Friday

Ready to get the lowest prices EVER on our most exclusive park experiences? Well, you've found them! Welcome to SeaWorld's Blue Friday!

I've been working at SeaWorld for over 2 and a half years now, and I've never seen these prouducts discounted so much. I suggest you take advantage of these deals now, because you never know when or if we'll offer these prices again.

Make plans now to take your family on a tour or send your child to camp in 2012, because these reservations aren't just for 2011. We're also offering $20 off a SeaWorld/Aquatica 1 Year Pass, so you won't miss a minute of fun at our brand new waterpark, Aquatica.

Ready to visit SeaWorld now? Don't miss the $20 off single day ticket, or 40% off Dine with Shamu and A Sesame Street Brunch.

Visit the website now to start browsing all of the Blue Friday deals. Then, on the morning of Friday, November 25, we'll post a promo code on the site. Once you type in the promo code, you'll be ready to add deal after deal to your cart.

No need to battle the lines; SeaWorld's Blue Friday is coming to you!