Mar 03

Introducing the SeaWorld Wildside Bloggers 2014

by Staff

Every year we choose some of the best bloggers in Texas to join the SeaWorld San Antonio Wildside program. We have listed this years team below.

Jan 04

Life of a Trainer: Relates Video (Part 2)

In this video, you will see us performing what is called a "relate." "Relates" require no whistles, no prompts or assistant and no bucket of fish. We just simply hang out with the animals, in our out of the water.

Apr 17

Aquatica Construction Update

In just a little over a month, Aquatica will be open! Here's an update on how things look at the construction site.

Apr 04

Wordless Wednesday: Name that Bird!

Can you identify the species of this little chick? He is one of the newest members of the SeaWorld family. He hatched on March 18, 2012, and is about five days old in these photographs. If you have an idea of what he is, please post a comment. The answer will be revealed in a few days, and it might surprise you!

Mar 28

Wordless Wednesday: Beneath Stingray Falls

by Staff

Check out this first-ever picture from inside Aquatica's Stingray Falls!

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