Aug 12

Ever wonder what the view is like from underwater?

Most people think of dolphins and whales when SeaWorld comes to mind. Who doesn’t love touching the smooth skin of a bottlenose dolphin or seeing a killer whale drench the first 15 rows of Shamu Stadium? Don’t get me wrong … I love dolphins and whales, but I have tons of fun everyday hanging out with Clyde & Seamore so I think everyone should love them just as much as I do!

Next time you’re at the park I hope you wander off the beaten path toward Sea Lion stadium where you can be captivated by OP Otter’s antics, charmed by Clyde & Seamore and fascinated when Uncle Max steals the show. During the day you will find the team at Sea Lion in the Cannery Row Caper where you will certainly be laughing out loud at Cookie and Dusty trying to figure out who has been stealing all of the fish.

Do you want to know where all of the real fun is though? Swing by the Cannery Row at night and see the trainers really letting loose in Sea Lions Tonite. It’s a look at SeaWorld through the eyes of Clyde & Seamore where we poke fun at everyone else in the park.

Time is running out for you to enjoy the laughs. Summer Nights comes to an end August 14th. I don’t think you should miss it! Want a sneak peek at Seamore’s underwater entrance into the Azul portion of the show? Enjoy!