Oct 15

The Greener Side of SeaWorld San Antonio

by Staff
SeaWorld San Antonio has made conservation a top priority over the years and we are continuously working on innovative ways to improve the environment. We work hard every year to improve and reduce the park's overall energy consumption through water and energy conservation, sustainability and recycling.

That is why we were so honored when SeaWorld San Antonio was recently presented with a 2009 “Going Green Award” in the Conservation Program category by the San Antonio Business Journal. The award program recognizes individuals, companies and programs making an effort to save our planet.

Our park's water and energy conservation and recycling efforts were key factors in winning this award. Our park is known for its water attractions and we have made it a priority to reduce the consumption of water in a variety of ways.

One of the ways we conserve water that contributed to us winning the "Going Green Award" is by collecting water condensation from air conditioning units in two condensation tanks found in back areas of the park. The water collected in these tanks is used to irrigate landscaping throughout the park and is also used to pressure wash pathways. Low-flow toilets have been installed in park restrooms to reduce the amount of waste water used. These are only a few of ways that SeaWorld San Antonio conserves water on a daily basis.


Reclaimed water is used to water the plants and grass at SeaWorld San Antonio.

Recycling is also very important in a park this size! We have placed aluminum and plastic recycling receptacles throughout the park. We also provide a Recycling Center for team members to bring their recyclables from home. This is an easy and convenient way for us to recycle. I love that the center is open 24/7 so I can drop off my recyclables anytime.


SeaWorld San Antonio encourages team members to recycle. At this team member recycling facility on property, team members can bring recyclables from work or home, 24 hours a day.

We have also taken advantage of solar energy by utilizing solar golf carts. Nine golf carts at SeaWorld San Antonio have solar panels installed on them. The panels absorb sun and turn that energy into electricity to power the carts. The solar panels are powered by state-of-the-art photovoltaic cells that produce electricity directly from sunlight.

solar golf carts

Panels on solar golf carts at SeaWorld San Antonio turn energy into electricity to power the carts.

We are always looking for new initiatives to promote conservation. If you have any ideas, please let us know!