Dec 02

SeaWorld Goes to the Dogs

We are accustomed to watching killer whales leap majestically from the water, getting kisses from beluga whales and having sea lions smile at us. But it’s that time of year when heads turn as dogs stroll through the park and spend the day in the offices of their human friends. Yep … Bring Your Dog to Work Day is finally here!! In its third year at SeaWorld San Antonio, it’s a highly anticipated event for team members and dogs alike.

Dogs, often considered "man's best friend," bring tranquility and joy to their human companions. The bond between humans and canines is unmistakable to be sure. And dogs ask for almost nothing in return. Their love is unconditional and the reverence with which they consider their humans is unparalleled. I guess it’s why we anxiously await the day when we can show our four-legged friends where we spend most of our time. Where we devote our day while they loyally wait by the front door wondering if we’ll ever return home. It’s when team members gather and laugh as they proudly introduce their best friends to the people with whom they spend most of their time.

The day began with a leisurely 2 mile walk through the park. For Cooper, my 120 pound Great Pyrenees, this was a thrilling yet exhausting way to start the day! For the labs in the group, just a short jaunt to get the blood circulating! Ten minutes into the walk, our group came upon White Whale and Dolphin where Pacific White Sided Dolphins took a peek at our dogs through the glass. I don’t know who was more curious – dolphins, dogs or humans?!!

We continued with a stroll through Sharks and Coral Reef where the rays and sharks caught the attention of our buddies. It was surreal, to say the least. Where else do you get to walk with the pack while sea lions bark and killer whales whistle in the background?

The day ended as everyone returned to the office for a little bit of work. Cooper made himself at home and walked around my building visiting with just about everyone. Treats flowed like water and I noticed an increased number of visits from colleagues throughout the day.

Everyone seemed more relaxed today; stress was absent and I can only attribute this to our special visitors. Our loyal friends brought immeasurable cheerfulness to the day. I can only hope they enjoyed a few smells they hadn’t yet encountered. Cooper eventually collapsed from the day’s adventures and slept, tongue pasted to the floor. But as I listened to the jingle of collars in the area and laughed at the occasional dog peeking his head around the corner, I felt especially content knowing that Cooper was by my side. Always trusting and loving me unconditionally. It was a good day to say the least. Just not sure if any of us can wait an entire year before the return to SeaWorld!