Nov 10

Tips from a Facebook Superfan: Going Behind the Scenes at SeaWorld

Hopefully you have been getting some good tips from our last couple of posts from guest blogger, Blake Foster. We found Blake on our Facebook page answering questions and interacting with our guests - a Facebook Superfan was born! We quickly begged for him to be a guest blogger for our SeaWorld San Antonio blog. Check out his final tips for enjoying SeaWorld a step further than the traditional visit to the park with behind the scenes adventures.

If you want to take your adventure even further, look into animal interactions! These interactions let you get up close and personal with some of the SeaWorld stars. There are 3 interaction programs for guests to experience as well as several behind the scenes tours, including the all-new Grand Adventure Tour!

The Beluga Interaction, where you suit up in a wet suit and get to swim with belugas.

The Sea Lion Interaction gives you the chance to donn a wet suit and play with the sea lions.

The Penguin Interaction, where you cozy up in a parka for a tour inside the Penguin Encounter.

Or my personal favorite, Dine With Shamu. It's not only a buffet, but you are right next to the killer whales too! They are truly amazing, and a once in a life time opportunity.

Don't miss these awesome interactions!

A big thanks goes out to Blake for sharing these amazing tips!

Written by guest blogger, Blake Foster