Mar 13

What’s happening at SeaWorld San Antonio this Spring Break!

by Staff

For SeaWorld San Antonio spring break is our first really busy time of the year. We plan for this week for months and love the excitement of a busy park. This year's spring break will be full of great things to do for our guests and we are excited for great weather and lots of smiling visitors!

Big Bird's Beach Party Sesame Street is back at Nautilus Amphitheater with Big Bird's Beach Party. This show is always a big hit and the kids go crazy. There is tons of singing and dancing and the team members here at the park as well as the Sesame Characters love when the kids come down to the stage to dance and sing along. Big Bird is even celebrating a birthday on March 20th and we are all going sing him Happy Birthday at each of his shows! If you want to get up close to the Sesame Characters we have a breakfast available too!

A section of Lost Lagoon will be open this year for spring break as a sort of sneak peek from March 13 - March 21. We will be opening Castaway Cruisin' River, Castaway Café and Lil' Gators. This will be a nice additional treat for our guests if they want to take a dip!

We have opened two new Animal Connection Centers in the park. One is in the former Clydesdale Barn and houses Texas Native animals. At this location we have a 2 Longhorns, an American Bald Eagle, 2 Nine Banded Armadillos and a Pinto Mustang! Be sure to stop by and take a look at this new area. We have also created an Animal Connections Conservation Center at the Boardwalk Games area. This area features all sorts of interesting animals including 2 Sail Fin Dragons, 1 Speckeled Mouse Bird, a Boa Constrictor, a Burmese Python, a Giant Tego named Ginobili (yes, after Manu), an Alligator, an Alligator Snapping Turtle, Tarantulas, some Emperor Scorpions, Madagascar Hissing Cock Roaches much more. At this location there are often photo opportunities available with these animal ambassadors. Our team members have been training, the park has been cleaned, the plants are planted, the trainers are ready for amazing shows, shops and restaraunts are primed and we are awaiting our wonderful fans and guests to come enjoy our park with us!